Hold On To Your Manties! William Seed Makes His Bottoming Debut!

Not ONLY Does William Seed make his bottoming debut, Men.com makes *ITS* bareback debut!

[WATCH: "Top To Bottom: William Seed" - Men.com]

To Recap: Ryan Bones pounds the crap out of William Seed in Men.com's first condomless scene.

We know you have opinions, so let's hear them.

While some studios (Falcon, Raging Stallion, Hot House) are holding their ground regarding condoms, many have gone full steam ahead into the bareback world. Some (Titan) are trying to toe the line and publish pictures that are both bareback and condom in the same scene, somehow pretending like they aren't bareback. And others have decided to join the other studios and go bareback!

The latest is Men.com.

To make a mountain out of a molehill, they brought in their bareback debut, with one of their most popular gay-for-pay exclusives, William Seed, getting fucked for the first time!

From Men.com:

Men.com brings you a double treat! Our first bareback scene featuring one of our favorite new exclusive's William Seed and...he's bottoming! Watch him get pounded by Ryan Bones. You definitely do not want to miss this.

William Seed MAY be a top, but even while bottoming, he's the one getting his cock sucked.

Come to think of it, I can't recall him sucking a dick? Am I wrong? 

And getting his ass licked!

Once he's had enough, Ryan sticks his cock in.

And it looks pretty dry! Condoms are arguable optional, but lube isn't, guys.

Then, there is fake cum. 

Sadly, I don't think this is a forever thing, depending on how you take William's recent tweet:

We can still dream, though. Both about this scene, and the hopes that he'll do it again. But maybe he should stick to topping...

Should William Seed bottom again? Did men.com make the right decision going bareback?

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