Charlie Carver Swaps Insta Spit With Probable Boyfriend

February 19, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Teen Wolf hottie Charlie Carver is a homosexual, and he posted a pic to Instagram of him kissing a man, so private eyes on the Internet are speculating that the two are a couple! But I'm more interested in Charlie's privates and brown eye. Rite ladies. Rite ladies. Carver is all kinds of fuckable, and while I think we all wish that he was face fucking his twin brother Max Carver in the pic (KIDDING! OMG I WOULD NEVER) it's great to see that he found a cutie just in time for Valentine's Day!


According to Gay Star News, the man at the receiving end of Charlie's tongue is Steve Miller, and they all but confirm his identity with a slew of pics dug up on Miller's personal Instagram account featuring Carver and pals. Now that Teen Wolf is over, we don't have any guarantees as to the next time we'll see Charlie shirtless in a teen gay sex club high school locker room, but it does look like he'll be starring alongside Max in something called Blooms. Surely they'll finally fuck each other on that show. Omg seriously I'm totally kidding because that would be GROSS guys!!!

Head to the gallery to see pics of Charlie and man stealer Steve Miller and let us know if this is the cutest couple in the world in the comments!   

Photo Credit: Instagram

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