Olympic Luger Chris Mazdzer Is Driving Us All Crazy In A Very Good Way

February 16, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

This week the U.S. Men's Olympic Luge Team won its very first medal in history. You'd think everyone would be focused on the win, but viewers are much more interested in seeing one of the teammates in as little clothing as possible. Both guys and girls are going crazy over luger Chris Mazdzer - and I can't say I blame them. 

In gay terms I'd classify Chris as an otter/cub hybrid, but I know it's 2018 and we all hate labels now. His rough-and-ready looks throughout the Games so far, mixed with a physique that just won't quit, have caused quite a stir in everyone's jeans. It also helps that the 29-year-old from Massachusetts looks damn fine in his skin-tight uniform. 

He's also prone to posing without a shirt on - and boy does he have a lot of hair to hold on to. 

He knows he's got a lot to flaunt, but Chris is definitely in PyeongChang to bring home as many medals as he can. After his team's win, he told NBC"It’s 16 years in the making. I’ve had a rough last two years, and it just shows: Don’t ever give up. Whenever you lose, keep fighting."

You keep going for Gold, Chris. We'll be here stalking your social media like the true fans we are. 

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