Once Wasn't Enough! Aj Alexander and Max Duro Go Back For Seconds

February 16, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Except this time, AJ Alexander and Max Duro invite their friend Mark Foxx to join them in the fun

[WATCH: Aj Alexander vs Max Duro vs Mark Foxx Part Two - Cazzo Club]

Last time, Max took the bottom, but in Cazzo Club's latest scene, they put Mark in the middle

Changing it up is always fun. Keeps things interesting!

If you recall, Max Duro and AJ Alexander met at a bus stop, and were immediately taken by each other.

They then went home to fuck. Max Duro owned AJ Alexander's everything.

[WATCH: AJ Alexander vs. Max Duro: Part 1 - Cazzo Club]

But now, the tables turn, and it's Mark's turn to get owned!

From Cazzo Club:

To intensify the lust factor AJ has invited his buddy Mark Foxx. Mark is a blonde German who is tall, muscular and giant ass.

AJ and Max put Mark in the middle and pull him in with relish. Max can't wait until he is on his knees and shoves the German's rock hard cock into his mouth. His licking will be more and more greedy until finally AJ offers his tail. Like a greedy whore, Max pushes one meat club after the other into his wide open face.

Even Mark's feet get owned to give Max a fooj.

Then everyone's in for a little fun! They change positions so many times that everyone fucks and gets fucked.

Someone even fucks and gets fucked at the same time.

Those Germans are too much. 

Have you ever had a piggy threesome that compared to Cazzo Club?


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