Adam Ramzi Turns Tristan Jaxx's Floppy Disc Into A Hard Drive

February 8, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The Two Star In Scene One Of Titan Men's "Dick Danger Two"

[WATCH: "Dick Danger Two: Scene One" - Titan Men

Adam Ramzi wants a job done. Tristan Jaxx has the hard drive he needs. And the dick too...

Maybe Titan took all of our words about them only shooting scenes next to pools and in abandoned houses with models that look like clones to heart? 

Their newest series, "Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick", reads like a comic book, and doesn't feel as cheesy as those "VR" scenes from Hot House.

From Titan Men:

Do you like danger? Dick Danger? You can never keep a good dick down, and as corruption envelops the Hollywood Hills once again, a hardened man comes to the rescue. Join TitanMen exclusives Liam Knox and Hunter Marx as they go undercover in Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick!

Tristan Jaxx has a hard drive that Adam Ramzi needs. They quickly reach an agreement to please both parties, swapping oral info before Tristan takes his payment.

Do you think the payment is hidden within Adam Ramzi's foreskin?

I love that 2017 / 2018 is the year of not hiding foreskins in gay porn.

Maybe Tristan's payment is at the back of Adam Ramzi's throat?

That's the most elegant live of spit I've ever seen.

Maybe the payment is using Adam's ass to get off...

No "bareback then put a condom on" shots here, as Titan has done a lot over the last year, either.

And both boys make a MESS on Adam's chest!

I forgot how much Tristan can cum! My word.

Have you ever used your dick as a bargaining tool like Tristan and Adam?


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