Robert Pattinson GORGEOUS While Shirtless And Dick Bulging On The Beach

February 6, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Vanity Fair


File Under: "My type my type my mothergoddamnfucking type!" Goodness my moisture level could only be solved with a dehumidifier at this point, because these new shirtless candids of Robert Pattinson training on the beach in Antigua are seriously everything. Pattinson is thirty-one-years-old these days and is looking better than he ever has before. Glittery and making out with a bewigged cadaver in Twilight or stacked, sweaty, and bulging out on the beach? I mean I think I've made my choice!

Pattinson's pecs are really everything here, and he's also sporting a perfectly distributed dusting of body hair and as we mentioned, a dick bulge visible in some of the pics that leads me to believe he could probably air out my musty hole just right. That's on my Grindr profile by the way. JK. These pics are ruby diamond preferred unlimited miles plus, so you'll have to hit the link below to see the stunning shirtless Robert Pattinson! Does Rob make you throb, and work up a glob? Spillz!

Head HERE for the shirtless pics



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