Beef May Be On The Menu, But Liam Knox is Delivering SAUSAGE To Julian Knowles

February 1, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Liam Knox ALREADY fucked Daymin Voss, and now he's back to fuck Julian Knowles

[WATCH: "Beef: Scene Four" - Titan Men]

Wank to the final scene of Titan's "BEEF"

Liam Fucked Daymin Voss in scene 1:

[WATCH: "Beef" Episode One - Titan Men]

And he's back to fuck Julian Knowles - a contractor, and a plumber? Liam's house is a whole-ass mess. Christ.

From Titan Men:

Stroking in the shower, Liam Knox gets interrupted by the doorbell from handyman Julian Knowles—who checks under the sink. Liam likes the view, rubbing his bulge as the blue-collar stud fixes his pipes and asks, “Anything else I can do for you?” Liam smiles, his boner popping out in Julian’s face. 

Julian Knowles DOES have something else he can do for Liam - give up that ass.

Julian DOES have a great beefy ass too, thank goodness - who WOULDN'T want to get into that?

Liam Knox certainly did!

Once he saw Julian Knowles on all fours on the kitchen floor...

...he had to get his cock in Julian's ass.

But not before a little tongue fucking!

(By the way, Liam's body has been looking great. Is he slimming down for summer?)

Liam couldn't take Julian's eyes (and ass) staring at him, so they put on a condom and got to it.

Guess Liam's dick felt good - Julian spilt his load as he was getting dicked down!

Talk about delivering grade-A sausage.

How do you like your beef: Tender and juicy? Round and rare? Aged and seasoned? 


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