Chris Pratt Shows Off His Ripped Bod In A Sexy Super Bowl Ad

January 31, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Ever since his divorce from Anna Faris went public in December, Chris Pratt has been flying under the radar. Last year he heated up the silver screen in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and now he's moving to the small screen this weekend to give us another look in an ad during Super Bowl LII. 

It's obvious that Chris realized we couldn't be forced to wait any longer to see that amazing body of his, and now we get to try to keep from drooling all over the chips and pretzels while fawning over him on Sunday. In the 30-second clip for Michelob Ultra, Chris gears up to star in his first super bowl ad by working out, going for a jog, doing curls with a beer bottle, and showing off his abs in the mirror. Oh yes, abs and mirror, people. This is not a drill!

Chris said in a statement: "These days, I’m trying to stay in top shape for work. So when I see a beer, I can’t help but squint my eyes and imagine a treadmill. Specifically how long I’ll have to be on that treadmill to burn off the beer. Michelob ULTRA … I can run that off very easily."

You know what else helps burn calories? Working out naked. Maybe he should try that. 

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