Julian Knowles Gets Alexander Garrett An Early Birthday Present

January 29, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Julian Knowles's present to Alexander Garrett? His ass, of course.

[WATCH: "Birthday Present" - Men Over 30]

The guys strip down to their birthday suits to celebrate at Men Over 30

Alexander wanted a video game. Julian didn't get him a video game, but still let him play with his joystick.

From Men Over 30:

Julian is discussing with Alexander what to get him for his birthday and he is trying to convince him that he needs a Gaming Console.  Alexander can tell that Julian actually wants the Gaming Console for himself and gives him a little argument about it.  Unable to resist the charms of his boyfriend Julian, Alexander gives in and the two are soon embraced in a passionate kiss that quickly turns into more.  

Alexander Garrett is looking as good as he ever did!

He's also slightly thicker than he's been in the past. Muscles are bulkier, and his face has filled out.

Case in point:

[WATCH: "Top Service" - Lucas Entertainment]

And as we all know, Julian's ass is a gift.

Definitely perfect for birthdays.

But Julian doesn't JUST give up his ass for Alexander. He gives him some full body worship, too!

First he lightly plays with Alexander's nips... 

Then he gives daddy a nice BJ.

Then Julian gives up that ass.

Ok I knowwwww this is porn and all, but I really want to know if Alexander actually got his video game? Will I EVER know? This is bugging me.

How do you celebrate your birthday? With sex, like Alexander Garrett and Julian Knowles?


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