He May Be Allen King, But is He A SEX King?

He can take dick as well as he can give it, and he's always down to do both, but does that make Allen King a Sex King?

Men.com has all the answers....

But Allen King has all the sex appeal. He's gorgeous, has a hot dick and a great body, and is devoid of any tattoos, so y'all can't complain. So OF COURSE he's a sex king. 

Not only that, but this looks like it could be an outtake from Men.com's recent series "Uncut Legends". Every guy is showing off his foreskin, and there's something hot and liberating about it, far beyond Allen King being hot. 

Part One: Allen King and Diego Lauzen

Jean Franko has been a mainstay in gay porn for over 10 years, and shows no signs of slowing down. He's one of the best tops in the industry, and Allen takes his cock like a champ.

[WATCH: Sex King Part One - Men.com]

From Men.com:

There is nothing better than a man who's ready to awaken all of your wildest fantasies and Allen King and Jean Franko take no shortcuts.

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Part 2: Allen King and Gabriel Cross

We all know that Gabriel Cross is one of the industry's cutest and best bottoms (and he's getting fucked to the high heavens right now on the Atlantis Cruise). 

But the best bottoms always make the best tops, and Gabriel is no exception. First, Gabriel fucks Allen...

And then the boys switch and Gabriel takes Allen's cock.

[WATCH: Sex King Part Two - Men.com]

From Men.com:

The hot sex session continues with Allen and Gabriel Cross.

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Is Allen King YOUR sex king?

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