Billy Santoro and Michael Roman Fuck "Full Tilt"

January 15, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

WTF does "Full tilt" even mean?

[WATCH: Full-Tilt Fuck - Bromo]

Regardless, watching Michael Roman and Billy Santoro Flip-Flop Fuck in a bathtub is hot as fuck.

In my day, I've come across a ton of terrible descriptions for porn scenes. If the description is long enough, I usually spare you the brunt of it, and only use the first few sentences so you get the idea. From terribly euphemisms for buttholes and penises, to words that came straight out of a thesaurus, I've seen it all.

But this may be a first: describing a porn scene as full tilt.

If you're like me (I know you're not, cause I know men don't read and most of you are men) you went: WTF is full-tilt?


Bless Google's featured snippets.

Which...why did they call it that, and not a word everyone knows, like "rough"? Did they just go to the thesaurus, close their eyes and point?

I digress. On to the porn:

Billy Santoro may be low-key crazy, but the craziest ones take the dick the best. Case in point:


Who doesn't love seeing muscle bound hunks fucking full tilt? Michael Roman and Billy Santoro can't keep their hands off each other in this riveting bareback flip-fuck. The intensity between these two never ends, even after they shoot their hot loads! 


Then the guys got out of the bathtub and switched places, so Michael could have some dick:

Then both guys erupt in cumshots on the floor.

Stop trying to make "full tilt" happen; it's not going to happen.

Pretty soon, we'll see scenes from Bromo called "helter skelter fuck" and "Pell Mell Bang" won't we? 

Have you ever flip-flop fucked "full tilt" like Billy Santoro and Michael Roman? Was it as hot as they made it?


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