Ow. Nick Jonas Just Lit My Penis On Fire At Critics' Choice Awards

January 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


Painful, but honestly worth it! I've got another full-blown FEMA situation going on in my pantaloons thanks to Nicks Jonas' styled as fucking fuck (I think I stole that from Celtic) lewk at the Critics' Choice Awards! We can go ahead and file this under "iconic."

Yesterday we say Mr. Jonasty himself getting handsy with his bro and definitely not gay porn sex partner Joe Jonasty before the Golden Globes, but today's outfit is far superior to that garbage look. Nick really does know how to wear the hell out of a suit, and this little velvet number is du. in. it. foh. meh! Jonas gives face, face, face, face, face, and more face in this single picture of him that was available for download. Thank God he nailed it! The hair is there, the eyebrows are more eyefuckingbrowier than ever, and those lips. Those goddamn lips. I just can't right now. I'm going to go find a firefighter to put out my flame with his hose while you guys take in every inch of Jonasty!

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News, Getty Images, Men's Fitness

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