Troye Sivan's New Music Video Gives Us A Look At The Raunchy Side Of Gay Cluture

January 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Troye Sivan is not one to shy away from embracing equality and tapping into LGBT culture and issues every chance he gets. His extraordinary vocals, mixed with his top-notch songwriting skills, make you want to listen to his music all day long. Now he's going even deeper with his newest hit "My, My, My!" 

The video, directed by Grant Singer, who also worked on Lorde’s "Green Light" and Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s "I Don’t Wanna Live Forever," takes us into the underground cruising scene where all the dirty stuff happens (Yasss!). 

Throughout the vid, Troye is seen walking down dark alleys and strolling through seedy neighborhoods where some very... shady things happen. There's even a small cameo from porn star Brody Blomqvist. It really takes us deep into the subculture that most refuse to talk about in public settings. The term "vanilla" doesn't exist here. 

After the video was released, Troye took to twitter to thank his fans for the support (and to hint at what's to come).

“‘My My My!’ is a song of liberation, freedom, and love,” says Sivan. “Throw all inhibition to the wind, be present in your body, love wholeheartedly, move the way you’ve always wanted to, and dance the way you feel—hopefully even to this song!”

Check it out for yourself: 


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