"Yeah I've Got A Problem - Could You Help Me Out With It?"

January 10, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Rick York Gets His Kicks In a 24-Hour Gas Station on Route 69

[WATCH: "24-Hour Boner: Scene Six" - Raging Stallion]

Once customer Nate Stetson walks In, he and Rick exchange blowjobs in front of the whole store

Heck - maybe Nate went for a piss in the bathroom of this 24-hour rest stop, and saw Teagan Zayne blowing Sergeant Miles?

[WATCH: "24-Hour Boner: Scene Two" - Raging Stallion]

From Raging Stallion:

With all the action that's been going on in the store today, Rikk York finds the place a wreck and is trying to clean the place up. He's still horny from drinking a boner elixir earlier and customer Nate Stetson enters to catch him playing with his throbbing hard-on. Nate agrees to help Rikk out, and the two start making out on the store floor. 

Interesting co-branding op, as Nate Stetson also played a shop owner in scene one of Falcon Studios' "Route 69":

I'm here for it, though. I love when scenes in movies interchange like this. Wouldn't it be really cool if a porn universe like Marvel / DC / Star Wars existed, with overlapping scenes and story lines?

I guess you really CAN get your kicks on Route 69.

[WATCH: Route 69 Scene One - Falcon Studios]

Rikk York MAY just be the hottest store owner in the history of ever?

Happy to see him in porn scenes again.

Nate Stetson may just be the only person a 70s creeper 'stache works on? And even then, not quite?

That's a beautiful dick though. Creeper 'stache or not.

Also, why wasn't he the shop owner??

Once Rikk catches Nate staring at his huge cock, ALL bets are off.

Nate gets a taste of Rikk's pekker...

Then Rikk gets some of Nate's.

The gays can find dick anywhere, and this gas station seems to be the latest spot.

Have you ever gotten busy on a road trip, like Nate Stetson?


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