Johnny V Fucks Josh Conners In The Sex Club Of The Future

January 9, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Is it REALLY the sex club of the future, or does Johnny V just fuck Josh Conners in one of Hot House's glorified "Sex On A Box" scenes?

[WATCH: "Get Lit" Scene Two - Hot House Studios]

Sex on a sling, sex on a box, lipstick on a pig. That's what it all feels like.

Over the last...decade, Hot House, Raging Stallion and Falcon have shot their fair share of "Sex on a box" scenes. Sex that is absent of a setting, but shot on a soundstage. It looks really clean, and sometimes hot, but can look really sterile at the same time.

Take For Instance Hot House's "Pack Attack 4" from 2012.

Parker Perry was at the height of his career (in fact, he stayed the night at my house after a photo shoot, and told me about this before it came out. I miss him.) and the whole rotating box orgy thing is hot and fantasy-inducing, it's rather sterile.

[WATCH: "Pack Attack 4" - Hot House Studios]

Heck - take Scene 1 of "Get Lit", starring Beaux Banks and Mason Todd.

Beaux (who is arguably at the height of his career too) looks hot, if not uncomfortable, hanging upside down while Mason dominates him. But beyond the chains, it still looks sterile.

[WATCH: "Get Lit: Scene One" - Hot House Studios]

Beyond the lights and the hot guys, is there anything even here?

From Hot House:

In a sleek sex club of the not-so-far-off future, Johnny V and Josh Conners meet as silhouettes in the door. As their mouths find each other, their natural instincts kick in and their hard cocks lead the way to a room with a sling. Josh is cock hungry and drops to his knees to service the mighty stud in front of him. Josh gets Johnny's vein-popping cock as hard and sloppy as it can get before he bends over the sling and offers up a place for Johnny's cock to spend some time. 

We all know Johnny V is "the body" of the industry, but Josh Conners has an amazing one too.

Johnny's tongue looks at home as he rims Josh, getting him ready for some "kinky" fucking.

And then the guys go at it in the "sex club".

To be honest, I prefer the sex scenes of Dominic Pacifico, with Sean Maygers and Casey Everett:

Actual passion and it doesn't feel sterile. Cazzo Club has some great material too, but this is their forte for sure.

[WATCH: Sean Maygers Bathhouse Solo - Dominic]

They've been doing this for 6 years, y'all. Maybe it's their aesthetic.

Have you had sex in a sex club? Was it as Sterile as Hot House's latest episode?


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