This Is The Big One: Top Five Peen Scenes Of 2017!

January 5, 2018 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


This is the moment twelve of you have been waiting for! After seeing the hottest gay scenes of 2017 and the hottest butt scenes of 2017, we've now arrived at the Big Kahuna - the hottest peen scenes of 2017! This year is notable for the inclusion of some striking casual nudity during a Silver Silverman skit as well as some legitimately hard cock. For decades audiences have been led to believe that penises are flaccid immediately before and after insertion, so this is going to be pretty jarring for some people.

Check out the video above where Morgan Spector's gorgeous cock takes center stage in Split, Scott Backman flaunts hot daddy frontal on I Love You, America, Siddhartha Rajan whips out his fat hard cock for Easy, and more!


5) Scott Backman on I Love You, America


4) George Basil on Crashing


5) Siddhartha Rajan on Easy


2) Jack Bennett on The Leftovers


1) Morgan Spector in Split

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