John Magnum Fucks Casey Jacks While Their Girlfriends Are Asleep

January 8, 2018 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Not only are Casey Jacks' and John Magnum's girlfriends are asleep, these two fuck in the same bed their girlfriends are asleep in.

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Why wake your girlfriend up to do something your bro can do?

They say "if you love someone, let them sleep". That must mean Casey Jacks and John Magnum love their girlfriends A LOT!

At first, both guys were a little pissed they'd have to share a cramped hotel together, but they soon got over that when their girlfriends were asleep and they were both horny.

So John took matters into his own mouth and convinced Casey to have some fun.


Casey Jacks and John Magnum are sharing a room together along with their girlfriends. The girls are resting while both men are wide awake and horny. Why bother them when they can just take care of each other.

Soon enough, John's mouth is at work.

And those eyes are ALWAYS working.

Pretty soon his cock's at work too, plunging deeply (but softly) into Casey's hole!

Can't disturb the women, you know.

Then they take it to the floor.

Less chance of waking up the GFs.

Finally both guys manage to cum quiet enough so their ladies don't hear.

Or maybe they did?

I know since John Magnum has un-retired and returned to gay porn, he's trying to do this whole "mature daddy top" thing. And while it's good to have a thing, one of John's best qualities was his muscle ass and his thick legs. Here's to hoping he bottoms soon.

What's the most taboo fuck you've ever had? Is it while your girlfriend was asleep right next to you?


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