Jason Vario and Matthew Bosch cover Luke Adams In Ropes Of Cum

Criminal Luke Adams will do anything to get leniency from the long arm of the law, so he puts his mouth and ass to use

[WATCH: "West Texas Park And Ride: Episode Four" - Titan Men Studios

Watch as Luke gets spitroasted in the final scene of Titan Men's "West Texas Park and Ride"

When Luke Adams said he'd do anything to avoid going to jail, I'm not sure he was expecting "anything" to be dealing with like 18 inches of cock.

Still, he did it well:

From Titan Men:

Undercover agents Matthew Bosch and Jason Vario confront a surprised Luke Adams: “You’re the man we’ve been looking for.” But they get an offer from the desperate criminal, who wants leniency from the judge—and is quickly slurping on their huge uncut cocks to prove it, opening wide as he goes back and forth. Matthew and Jason smile at each other from above, Luke planting his nose to Matthew’s groin.

So Jason Vario wasn't really a mechanic after all. He just played the part in scene three:

And got a little piece of Jeremy Spreadums' ass in the process.

[WATCH: West Texas Park and Ride Scene 3 - Titan Men]

And now, he's playing the role of "top" to one of the industry's best bottoms.

Though, once Matthew Bosch saw the fun Luke was having with Jason's cock, he wanted in and pulled his out:

Matthew and Jason both gave Luke some condomless action:

Then Jason finally slipped a condom on and gave Luke the fucking he deserved for being a criminal.

Jason pounded him from behind while Matthew stuffed him from the front, before they showered the poor fucker in cum.

Have you ever seen cops as hot as Jason Vario and Matthew Bosch?

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