Nick Jonas Made It To American Way Magazine!

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I don't know if I can feel pride for someone I've never met and who's vastly more successful than me in all aspects of life, but nonetheless, proud is exactly what I felt this morning when I saw that the sassiest starlet around Nick Jonasty landed a spread in American Way Magazine - the preferred magazine for American Airlines customers! And is he looking all sorts of dumb dummy dumb dumb and a-goddamn-dorable in the spread? You bet your sweet ass! c

Jonasty has been making the rounds pimping his new flick Jumanji. I say that like he's in it for more than ten minutes, which he's not, but still, he's technically in a blockbuster movie and I'll be damned if his barely-there presence is going to take away from that fact. Jonasty gives all sorts of face in the spread for American Way, and I'm especially lusting this cute as hell yellow retro turtleneck look. Ugh, that hair. Those eyebrows. That cute smirk. I need to prepare my pants for an unexpected water landing. Rite ladies. RITE LADIES. 

To be quite honest, Nick's interview in American Way is pretty much unreadable, but that's probably because I'm not sophisticated enough for airplane magazine editorial. Head here for the full interview and hit the gallery above to fly the friendly skies with Nick!


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