19-Year-Old Shawn Mendes Caught Changing Backstage

December 22, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


A Twitter account with the not at all alarming handle "breathe 4 Mendes" posted these super hot behind-the-scenes pics of sassy starlet Shawn Mendes, and while I don't know exactly when or where they were taken, I do know that Mendes is looking as fap-worthy as ever! The nineteen-year-old singer has a perfectly muscly bod that's not a twink, not yet a jock, and he squeezes said bod into some boxer briefs before putting on some pants! So, basically, a pretty normal thing to do. Stars, they're just like us except for more attractive and better in every way!

I check in with Mendes' Instagram account fairly regularly, and the girl really is hellbent on keeping on his shirt and focusing on his music. I frankly think this is offensive and anti-gay, but thankfully we have these snaps to tide us over until Mendes needs a career boost in the form of some more shirtless selfies! Or a shirtless photo shoot. Give us SOMETHING Shawn! 


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