Steve Grand Lights Up Instagram With Something Cheeky

December 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Not many people hit me in a certain spot the way Steve Grand does. Between his Southern boy charm, soulful singing voice, and daring good looks, he's what I'd consider the whole package. Let's also not forget to mention that super-fuckable bod he rocks every damn day of his life. 

Steve is completely comfortable showing off that body, too. I mean who in their right mind wouldn't want to bestow such a hot, chiseled blessing on the world? 

Being his ever-so-social self, Steve took to his Instagram to post a story that'll stick in your mind for days, maybe even weeks (unless he decides to show us the front sometime soon). I always thought he fit into the "jock" category, and his latest post is solid proof. Check out the sexy shots as he poses in a hot white jockstrap: 

I'm not really known for being so turned on by an ass, but DAMN. 

Steve recently swapped out his boots for some high-tops in the video for his latest single 'Walking'. It seems he's really tapping into his gay following pretty hard these days. We're not going anywhere, but by all means feel free to share as much as you want!

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