Nick Jonas Styled. As. God. Damn. Fuck!

December 6, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


It's no secret that international singing sensation and style icon Nick Jonasty knows how to wear the hell out of a suit, I mean..., but he's seriously at peak Nasty in these pap pics taken at one of the billion Jumanji promo events, and I seriously cannot deal! A man in a suit is one thing, but a man poured into this not gay at all navy grid vision complete with bulging biceps is quite another. Quiet. I'm honestly afraid to look down now because A) The knowledge that I used a Sharpie to fill in a divot in my Nikes will make me weep after seeing this outfit and B) I'll realize that I'm waist-deep in about twelve different liquids that spewed out of my body thanks to Nick!

In addtion to the suit, Nick's hair is Nickier than ever, his beard is beyond lick-worthy, and his gaze... just the dumbest. Oh and the eyebrows. And the three front teeth that SOME of you are just going to have to accept. How cute would it be if I married Jonasty in a matching suit with reversed colors?! I'll be grid paper and he'll be my fuckable Tron playing field. Do you want to ride Nick with just his dick poking out through this suit? Or something less specific? Spillz!   


A celebratory cigar after a long day. More #jumanji promo carries on tomorrow. Berlin here we come!

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