Titan Men Filmed ANOTHER Scene Next To A Pool

November 30, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

At least this time it's gorgeous muscle daddy big bro Jesse Jackman breaking in newbie Julian Knowles

[WATCH: "Big Brother: Scene Three" - Titan Men]

Big bro fucks little bro in scene three of Titan's "Big Brother"

But also, is Titan Men just full-on bareback at this point? There's no condom on Jesse's dick. 

It happens in all of their most recent scenes, but this is probably the most..."inside" a cock has been before they put on a condom and fuck. I know it's the year of THE LORD 2017, but Titan has never mentioned anything about bareback, and this is basically bareback.

It's the same "sex by a pool" scene that has appeared in each of Titan's most recent films, and had a whole movie built around. At this point, is Titan played out?

From Titan Men:

During a break in yard work, Julian Knowles needs relief from the heat. Jesse Jackman suggests he cool off in the pool—and then joins him for a skinny dip. Their roughhousing escalates as they take their kissing poolside—and Julian nurses on his big bro’s big dick. 

But before he nurses on Jesse's dick, Julian plays with Jesse's nipples.

We ALL know how much Jesse loves his nipples played with.

And then Jesse Jackman pays Julian Knowles with a majestic blowjob.

Look at that sky in the background.

Like Daymin Voss whom starred in Scene Two of Big Brother, Julian Knowles is a relatively new porn actor. He's appeared in a handful of scenes, most notably "Gun Show" with Jaxton Wheeler.

[WATCH: "Gun Show" - Raging Stallion]

Maybe he has a type in big brothers.

No rimming or anything like that. Just some bareback fucking...

...Before they decide to throw on a condom, for good time's sake.

Jesse's dick must have been nice! Julian CAME as he was riding it!

Are you into the "Big Bro / Little Bro" roleplay, or has Titan Men been played out at this point?


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