Have You Ever Had Sex With Identical Twins?

November 20, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

The Stax Twins - Jacob Stax and Michael Stax - Get It On With Dominic and Princeton Price at Active Duty

[WATCH: Dominic, Princeton Price, Jacob Stax and Michael Stax - Active Duty]

You may not be able to tell The Stax Twins apart, but does that matter when they're inside you?

The Twins are back at Bel Ami, and this time they're taking not one, but TWO prisoners!

The two have performed together before, and have performed with Dominic before, stuffing him from both ends.

Now it's time to invite Princeton into the mix!

So on the scale of 1-creepy twincest, I'd say they are not as creepy as The Peters Twins at Bel Ami, who straight-up fucked each other...

[WATCH: Peters' Twins Home Video - Bel Ami]

...And not as hot as the Visconti Triplets, who were all gorgeous.

[WATCH: Triplets vs. Twins - The Visconti Triplets]

From Active Duty:

The twins never hold back and this time they are all in taking turns fucking Dominic and Princeton. Princeton can't tell either one apart but he loves those big cocks buried deep in his eager ass. Dominic and Princeton are seeing double as the twins stuff their massive cocks deep into their throats. Michael and Jacob love to make them gag and they love to pound hard and deep.

There's a little sucking on the front end:

Then the Stax twins return the favor...

In more ways than one.

And in more positions than one too!

Then when the time cums, they all blow their loads on Dominic's face.

Would you fuck the Stax Twins? What do you think of twins having sec with each other?


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