Brandon Wilde and Addison Graham Flip-Flop Fuck In The Latest Tyler's Room Scene

November 2, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Yes; if you hadn't already heard, Tyler's Room is back.

[WATCH: Addison Graham and Brandon Wilde - Tyler's Room]

The two get it on in bed, directed by none other than Dominic Pacifico

If 2016 was the year that a number of gay porn stars unretired (with the exception of Tristan Jaxx, who unretired last week), 2017 seems to be the year that a number of sites have started producing content again after hiatuses (yeah! Hiatus!).

Dominic Pacifico, Dylan Lucas, Dirty Boy Video and Jason Cruise all returned to the scene after breaks.

And now, Tyler's room joins them!

Tyler's Room stopped producing content in early 2016. They moved to contracting from Europe as many (like Jason Cruise) did, but now they're directing their own content again. 

And a lot, like this scene, is directed by Dominic Pacifico.


Man-to-boy love making at its best. These two have chemistry that shines through. On a beautiful afternoon they roll around in bed, licking and kissing each other. Brandon knows that Addison needs his tight boy hole and can't want to serve his sexy partner's throbbing cock. High energy from start to finish; the orgasms are explosive.

(On a sidenote, can we stop calling Brandon Wilde a boy? He's like 32 now.)

Even though he IS like 30 now, Brandon Wilde STILL looks good sucking cock.

And he hasn't aged at all, honestly.

Brandon even looks good fucking!

He used to be a total bottom, but I suppose as he gets older, he realized he likes topping too. Maybe he'll be a full butch muscle top soon, like Seth Knight is on his way to becoming.

Brandon even looks good taking dick, but you already knew that.

Addison looks like he's enjoying that ass, and even has fun shooting his load everywhere.

Hopefully Tyler's Room doesn't fuck it up like Dirty Boy Video already has. I'm rooting for them.

Are you happy to see Tyler's Room return? What other gay porn site would you like to see make a comeback?


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