Adam Thicke Treats Griffin Barrows to Some R&R With Some C&A

Stressed out from work, Griffin Barrows turns to Adam Thicke to help him ease his mind

[WATCH: "Retreat Yo'Self: Part Two" - Drill My Hole]

Sounds like Griffin Barrows has found a new way to...retreat himself!

With some dick, of course.

In part one, Noah Jones helped Griffin Barrows out with some basic relaxation and some stretching.

Some stretching of the body, AND of the hole with some cock.

[WATCH: "Retreat Yo'Self: Part One" - Drill My Hole]

And in scene two, Adam Thicke helps Griffin relax with a massage...of the prostate kind. But not without some smooches first!

Adam Thicke really IS thick, so he knows he has to go slow and relax Griffin before they get it on.


Adam Thicke helps Griffin Barrows forget all about his work emails and focus on the best stress reliever, his thick throbbing veiny cock.

Looks like that cock fits nicely in Griffin's hole!

 Fucking on this chair looks hot, but looks anything but relaxing.

Griffin got fucked until he got a nice load of cum, AND a nice prostate massage.

Now he can focus on work again.

Something tells us that this won't be Griffin's last time at the retreat. Whom do you think he'll run into next?

When you're stressed from work, how do you unwind? With a little dick, like Griffin?

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