21-Year-Old Disney Hottie Blake Michael Leaked Dick Pics

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Um, hi eyefuckingbrows! Blake Michael is a Disney School of Sexiness alum who starred on one of their shows called Dog with a Blog, and he also made one-off appearances on True Blood and Melissa & Joey. AKA he's a fucking superstar and deserves our respect, especially now that we can see his gorgeous hairy body and hot cock in some insanely yummers leaked dick pics!

Michael is supposedly only twenty-one-years-old, but he looks like he could be Nyle DiMarco's daddy. This boy gives eyebrows for days and days, and has a model-gorgeous face accompanied by a thick head of hair you could loose your dick in. Speaking of hair, Michael gives great pit and chest curls, and has a dec bush to match. Things get a little dicey in the middle with some unfortunate razor action, but you'll 100% stop caring about that the second you take in all of his hot cock! Are these some of the hottest celebrity leaked pictures yet? Does Michael make you a Dog with a Bone? Spillz! 

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