"Who Says You Guys Need Money For A Room?"

Michael Delray and Danny Gunn are on a road trip to find Danny's father, but they may have just found a new daddy in Dane Stewart

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Once Dane finds out Danny and Michael need a room, he gives them a place to stay...if they put on a show.

Oh yeah...he joins in too!

So much road trip dick this summer. First Dustin Holloway and Fane Roberts fucked their way across the country, and then fucked each other, in Falcon's summer series "Route 69". Now, Michael Delray and Danny Gunn are putting on a show so daddy Dane Stewart gives them a room.

From Icon Male:

Danny Gunn and Michael DelRay head out on their road trip journey to find Danny's stepfather. They stop for a rest in a hotel parking lot and soon find out you don't necessarily need money for a room. The two young men put on a nasty sex show for the big, burly, tattooed Dane Stewart. It soon turns into a fat-cock sucking, ass-banging, cum-drenched three-way!

Once Dane Stewart finds them sleeping outside...

He tells Michael and Danny to earn the room he's letting them stay in.

But Dane likes what he sees, and pulls his own dick out to start jerking!

Soon enough, he goes from watching to joining!

Looks like Michael and Danny may not need to find Danny's daddy after all - Dane's got them covered.

Have you ever fucked on a road trip, like Michael and Danny?

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