Will Jeffrey Lloyd's Bubble Butt Make Him David's Next Fuck?

If Jeffrey Lloyd has anything to say about it, the answer is and will be YES!

[WATCH: Quest For David's Next Fuck - Maskurbate]

To entice David, Jeffrey shows off his bubble butt and massive cock in Maskurbate's newest wank vid

Jeffrey "The Cock That Needs No Introduction" Lloyd is back! To show off that cock that needs no introduction.

If you don't remember, Jeffrey Lloyd has shown off his cock at least once before, at Badpuppy.

But with a cock like that, are you really complaining if he shows it off again?

[WATCH: Jeffrey Lloyd - Badpuppy]

And now he's back, to win over the heart of the guy whom has won over many hearts: David.

From Maskurbate:

Since we featured David's latest scene, I've received many requests from men wanting to get fucked by our new straight stud. Young Jeffrey is one of them. He wanted me to shoot a vide oof him so he could show David all he can offer. Jeffrey is a power bottom and his main attributes are without a doubt, his huge cock and his beautiful butt. Let's see if he'll get David's attention!

Powerbottom? But what about that time Jeffrey fucked Hunter Stiles?

Was it all just a lie? Powerbottom, with a cock like that? Jeffrey just confirms my theory that literally everyone is a bottom. At least David will have something to hold on to when he fucks him. 

[WATCH: Jeffrey Lloyd and Hunter Styles - Badpuppy]

Still though, Jeffrey DOES have a great ass. There's no denying that.

Once he's done showing off, he delivers a nice creamy load of cum, all for David.

Maybe David will see the size of Jeffrey Lloyd's massive cock and want to flip-flop? I bet that happens often.

If you were David, would you fuck Jeffrey Lloyd?

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