"Haven't You Heard? This Is A Great Spot To Get Some Ass"

Noah Jones and Griffin Barrows goes on a retreat for some r&r - they get some relaxation, but definitely no rest.

[WATCH: "Retreat Yo'Self: Part One" - Drill My Hole]

Because sometimes you gotta...retreat yo'self. 

Griffin and Noah sure do know how to! Griffin's outside doing some yoga and stretching on a beautiful day on their retreat. Noah is admiring Griffin's downward dog; soon enough, these two move from downward dog outside to doggy style inside.

From Drill My Hole:

Griffin Barrows joins Noah Jones for a special vacation that ensures both men are super relaxed.

Griffin Barrows has an ass that is always ready to get fucked. 

If you saw him in downward dog, you wouldn't be able to resist either.

Griffin also has a mouth ready to give head at all times.

And some gorgeous green eyes! When your buddy wants to relax, you help him relax.

Then they FINALLY move to the most relaxing part: fucking.

Calvin Banks and Jack Hunter may have some of the bluest eyes in the gay porn world, but Griffin and Noah aren't too far off. Geez. I may have to quit staring directly into the gay porn because of these eyes.

Noah pounds Griffin's hole until they both cum everywhere.

Deep tissue massage is such a nice way to end a bro retreat.


What will part 2 bring?

How do you like to relax? Sex at a couples retreat like Griffin and Noah?

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