NewCummer Ali Liam Makes His Debut

Ali Liam stars opposite Jack Hunter in Scene 3 of Str8 to Gay's "Straight Secrets"

[WATCH: Straight Secrets Part Three - Str8 To Gay]

It's not his first scene (he's got about 6 in the bag so far), but his first at - yup, that's Ali Liam. Swarthy, big dick-y, weird eyebrow-y, hirsuite-y but still yummy Ali Liam.

In part 3 of "Straight Secrets" he recalls the time that he met fellow bus-rider Jack Hunter (who needs no introduction) and took him home, then got spooked when Jack tried to cuddle they shared the same bed.

But then they fucked so it's fine I guess.

From Str8 To Gay:

Ali Liam recalls his first gay experience with Jack Hunter after a chance meeting at a bus stop.

And then, Jack and Ali bump uglies on an ugly comforter, second only to that comforter that Hector de Silva and Ettote Tosi fucked on once.


[WATCH: In The Loft - Lucas Kazan]

I don't really know what's going on with Ali's eyebrow, and it's slightly distracting, but the way looks with a dick in his mouth makes up for it.

Though he's not with fellow blue-eyed stunner Calvin Banks, Jack's beautiful eyes ALMOST take away from Ali's cock in his mouth.


When they got home, Ali fucked the hell out of Jack on that f'ugly comforter...

And after he fucked the hell out of him, Ali fucked the CUM out of Jack.

Is this real cum, or is just getting better at placing fake cum everywhere?

What was your first gay experience? Was it at the bus stop like Ali Liam?

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