See Those Two Big Penises From James Franco Series The Deuce

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I need to Deuce before getting with these guys! HBO series The Deuce might star Deucebag James Franco , but it's actually getting rave reviews from critics, and is definitely garnering interest from my loins after featuring two big dicks on this past Sunday's episode.

The series dives into the seedy, titillating underbelly of porn in 1970's New York City, and apparently, that underbelly includes Maggie Gyllenhaal getting fake creamed by long dong! In this scene, two skinny minny men get down and dirty for the cameras before getting the Campbell Soup's assist for the jizz finale. The 70's sinewy look isn't necessarily my taste, but dick is always in vogue, so I'm not going to turn these clips away. 

We last peeked The Deuce after Franco's pubeular performance in the premiere episode, and something tells me that we'll be checking in again before the end of season one. Are you watching The Deuce? Are you watching it now? Spillz! 


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