Yurmmm, Nyle DiMarco Spreads 'Em For Hairy AF Inner Thighs

September 12, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency

Trying to Lifeguard but you make it hard

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My mouth is lubed and ready to go after all the salivating I've been doing thanks to this new hot as holy hell Instagram pic from Nyle DiMarco! The fluidiest deafest model in the biz shows off his infamously hairy body, complete with thighs that are so fuzzy I just absolutely need to coif them with my seed. DiMarco just doesn't know when to stop with his Insta ho show (thank Gawd) and nonchalantly spreads his legs to show hint of bulge while giving a face that says: "Dinner is served."

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I want to also draw attention to DiMarco's guns and pecs, which have only become more manly man man buff over time. Ugh. De. Stroy. Me. This boy is officially on the coveted, exclusive list of celebrities I would get manageable STDs for. Thoughts? Spillz! 

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