Exhibitionist Scotty Zee Gives Young Poolboy Michael Delray an Eyeful, and a Mouthful!

September 6, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Scotty Zee knew exactly what he wanted - Michael Delray's cock inside him - and he knew exactly how to get it

[WATCH: "Watch Me Iron" - Next Door Studios]

Because sometimes you've got to use what you've got to get ahead! 

And Scotty Zee knew exactly what he had - a beautiful body, great ass, huge cock, and sex appeal. He also had an iron and a few open doors - him being him, you put that all together, and you can conquer the world!

Or just Michael Delray, by showing off your body and cock all around the house, as your employee works on your pool.

Whereas William Seed and Kit Cohen put on a show for Zack Hunter without even knowing it...

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Scotty Zee knew EXACTLY what he was doing.

I mean, it's not that William and Kit DIDN'T - they gave us a hot fuck, and gave Zack a hot show, but Zack knew exactly how to work that body, ass, and cock to get Michael Delray in his hands.

From Next Door Studios:

With pool boy Michael Del Ray on his way over, exhibitionist Scotty Zee has already set up his ironing board and his cameras, flaunting his naked ass while doing his ironing in front of the giant glass doorway that leads to the pool. Michael can't help but get an eyeful, and he definitely likes what he sees, so when Scotty opens the doors, Michael takes it as an invite and lets himself in, where he finds Scotty seated on the sofa masturbating. Scotty tells him not to be shy, and Michael immediately sets to sucking off his employer. 

After some coaxing, Michael's lips were around Scotty's huge cock!

But don't worry - Scotty blew Michael right back for being a good employee, and even let him film it.

And not soon after, Scotty hopped on Michael and rode that cock until they both came!

I'm pretty sure Michael Delray will make up some message to get back to Scotty's house - maybe we'll see him jump Scotty's fence to hunt Pokemon Go like Lance Ford did?

[WATCH: "Poke-U Man Go" - Next Door World]

Are you an exhibitionist like Scotty, or do you prefer to watch, like Michael?


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