Hot House Proves Doing The Dirty Is Better Than Doing The Dirty Work!

August 30, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Austin Wolf, Jimmy Durano, Gabriel Cross and others star

[WATCH: Hot House Presents "Dirty Work" - Naked Sword]

What's better after a long day of being hard at work on the job, then going home and pounding some ass real hard?

You know the saying work hard, play hard? These guys know how to work hard, play hard, and fuck harder.

First, Austin Wolf and Derek Atlas get frisky in the tool shop. All the need now is some lube.

Sparks fly between Austin Wolf and Derek Bolt in the workshop, and Derek is more than eager to get a taste of the big tool in Austin's pants.

From Naked Sword:

These horny handymen have a talent for 'Dirty Work'. They labor all day, and they work each other over hard any chance they get. Director Nick Foxx gets down to business with eight pieces of rough trade for cum-spurting, hole-stretching, working-man action. 

Jimmy Durano fucks his boss, Ace Era after Ace scolds him about his work job.

Jimmy decides to paint Ace's ass with cum to get back at him!

After that, boyfriends Chris Bines and Gabriel Cross get each other off on the job site.

When Chris Bines gets bored on the job, he starts horsing around with his boyfriend Gabriel Cross, blowing one load in his face and another after fucking Gabriel's tight hole.

Then, Nick Sterling works over Coby Mitchell's ass!

Nick Sterling uses two tools, his cock and a big mechanized dildo to coax one of the biggest cumshots you've ever seen out of Coby Mitchell.

If you hire these men to do your 'Dirty Work,' you might find them slacking off at the job, but at least they'll be hard, horny, and ready to bust a nut!

Have you ever done it at work?


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