Does The Couple That Fucks Together Stay Together?

August 29, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

Actual Boyfriends Massimo Piano and Klein Kerr prove it!

[WATCH: "The Couple That Fucks Together: Part Three" - Drill My Hole]

After Paddy O'Brian breaks up with his cheating boyfriend, Massimo and Klein show Paddy how boyfriends fuck - er...get fucked.

As long as we have gay porn (I hope we will have it forever), there will be couples that work in gay porn together. From the olden gay couples of yore, like Matthew Rush and Rob Romoni, to the new gay couples, we'll see some stay together and some won't.

We see the best example of this in Dark Alley Media's newest flick, "Tag Team Breeders".

It had two of gay porn's most famous couples! Dolf Dietrich and Hugh Hunter, who are still together...

and Adam Russo and Cutler X, who aren't.

(omg I even used the words "The couple that fucks together DOES NOT stay together" to describe them.)

And now, we have Klein Kerr and Massimo Piano.

Klein Kerr and Massimo star on camera both separately (Klein broke in blonde stud Johan Kane for his first on-screen action scene in "Dapper" from Men At Play).

But recently, the guys have been seen on camera more and more together - most recently in Episode 3 of Naked Sword's "Kiss And Tel Aviv".

[WATCH: "Kiss and Tel Aviv - Episode Three" - Rooftop Romance - Naked Sword Originals]

But their most INFAMOUS time on camera *has* to be that nearly-all-fake-fucking scene with Dani Robles at Men At Play.

Look at that cringey, clothes-on dry humping. The cum shot at the end was hot, at least.

[WATCH: "And Then Some" - Men At Play]

And now we see them getting fucked by the equally handsome Paddy O'Brian.


Muscled European meat is jammed into tight back entrances, thrusting to a prostate punch letting loose the flood gates of cum stored within their fertile testes.

Paddy (who was in an open relationship) just got left for another man by his boyfriend...

He swore he was done with open relationships, until Massimo and Klein let him in on their secret: They were in an open relationship of their own!

And you know what they say: The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Now that Paddy's getting under TWO DIFFERENT PEOPLE, he should be super over his boyfriend by now?

Maybe these three will even do one of those three-people poly relationships now?

I hope not. That is way too much sexy in one couple. Hard bodies, beautiful faces, and the best hair in gay porn? Can you save some for the rest of us?

They cum too, but do you even care?

What do you think of open relationships like Massimo's and Klein's? For or against?


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