Adam Thicke Fucks Luke Adams. Yes. THAT Luke Adams.

An imposter recently showed up, but the Original Luke Adams is back to grace us with his presence.

[WATCH: Swap Scene Four - Titan Men]

Will the real Luke Adams Please Stand Up?

On Friday, Badpuppy released its newest scene, starring Luke Adams.

No. Not that Luke Adams. THAT one.

[WATCH: Luke Adams - Badpuppy]

You know when you've bought a song off iTunes, and you start listening to it, and you realize you've bought the edited version, or even worse, the KIDZ BOP version? That's kinda how it felt. 

This Luke Adams is definitely cute - handsome lad from London, who obviously knows his way around a gym, and has piercing blue eyes and a nice cock.

But it's not Luke Adams.

THIS is the Luke Adams we're used to.

Knows his way around a gym AND a cock. With the best ass (currently in gay porn).

He's come to bless us with his presence in the last scene of Titan Men's "Swap" alongside Adam Thicke.

From Titan Men:

Stroking his cock, Adam Thicke gets distracted by smooth Luke Adams and joins him in the pool. Luke wraps his legs around the hairy stud, the two kissing before hopping out—Adam’s thick, uncut piece dripping wet. “You’re such a tease,” smiles Adam as Luke shows off his backside, tempting his host. 

This goes without saying, but Luke's hole looks great with anything in it - even Adam Thicke's tongue. 

Once their boyfriends are away, Luke and Adam will Play! First a little without a condom...

Then they slide a condom on and keep going!

Right until they both shoot hot loads all over Luke's chest.

Which Luke Adams do you

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