These Bottoms Get Not One, But TWO Big Dicks!


Twice the amount of dick means one thing - twice the amount of cum, too!

[WATCH: "Dark Alley Media Presents: Tag Team Breeders" - Naked Sword]

Studs like Cutler X, Hugh Hunter, and Sean Duran are here to breed bottoms like Max Cameron in "Tag Team Breeders"

Is one cock ever enough? Not even one as large as Cutler X's? To some bottoms, it would seem like no. Some bottoms can NEVER get enough cock inside them.

Luckily there's at LEAST two cocks to go around in every scene of Dark Alley Media's "Tag Team Breeders"~

Like Hubbies Hugh Hunter and Dolf Dietrich, who take on Simon Santana's hole...

...and together, all three of them take on alitteration.

From Dark Alley Media:

Greedy-ass bottoms never want one big dick; they need two big dicks at the very least. And that's just what they get in Dark Alley's Tag Team Breeders, a collection of five scenes featuring dirty sluts who want their asses plowed by two sexy, sweaty men and their huge cocks all in one sitting.

Then Sean Duran and Mario Cruz take on Matt Steven's hole.

I always knew Matt Stevens was a switch hitter, but seeing him in something this hardcore and taking multiple loads is unexpected, and kinda hot. Who knew he had it in him!

What's this? Oh it's just Max Cameron and Owen Hawk breeding Jackson Fillmore. NBD.

And here former boyfriends Cutler X and Adam Russo take on Dylan Hyde.

The couple that fucks together DOES NOT stay together. RIP.

Justin Case gets bred and double penetrated too, but you'll have to video to see by whom.

Are you a greedy-ass bottom? How many dicks have you taken at once?

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