Da Da Da Da Daddy Nyle DiMarco Visible Penis Line

August 22, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by his_excellency


My very own d to the goddamn addy, Nyle DiMarco, is someone special indeed, and in a new Instagram picture, shows off his freakishly perfect body and hot visible penis head in some super tight white boxer briefs! The fluidiest deaf model in town seems to have tamed his wild chest hair for the pic but thankfully left a trimmed coating for us to ogle. His Superman hair is at a ten, and his lean yet exquisitely toned body makes me look down and weep. For who could ever love, Michael Cera. 

The twenty-eight-year-old modeling sensation captions his black and white photo with "I just wanna Netflix" followed by the tornado emoji. Hm. Interesting, because I wanna net your dick! And I assume the tornado is cleverly meant to mimic what is going on in my underwear right now. Looks like the Tasmanian Devil just blew through there. The sum things up, Nyle, I would get super crabs for you. 


I just wanna Netflix

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