Luke Hudson Is Back At Jock Pussy!

August 18, 2017 | Posted in gay by garridan-p-faxton

This time, amateur model Fox fucks Luke Hudson while they're in Denver

[WATCH: Luke Hudson and Fox Bareback in Denver - Jock pussy]

Another one of Jock Pussy's videos showing us all how passion should be done!

Last week, if you remember, Jock Pussy broke from its norm, and used a new model, Logan Phillips, for its scene. And for his debut, Logan got fucked by Spencer Daily.

[WATCH: Logan Phillips and Spencer Daley in Louisville - Jock Pussy]

Now Luke has made his return to Jock Pussy, and gets fucked by Fox.

From Jock Pussy:

Fox and Luke are making out on the bed - their kisses are so deep and passionate you'd think they hadn't been laid in a long time. Luke positions himself under Fox's slender frame and sucks his balls and cock with his trademark adroitness. Fox is in heaven but still can't get enough of kissing Luke.

Fox is so horny now all he can think about is fucking Luke. And damn does it feel good! Coupled with Luke's sexy eyes staring back at him it's so intense the two cum simultaneously. Yet another masterclass in how it's done.

First Luke gives Fox some head in the most uncomfortable position...

Can we cancel this already?

And they move to a much more logical head-giving position.

Fox LOVES this, based on the way he moans. Logic wins out every time.

And then Fox fucks Luke...with a condom on?

Haven't all of Jock Pussy's videos thus far been condom-free? This is a strange departure...

Isn't the whole Jason Sparks tour bareback?

Call me crazy, but maybe there's something we're not seeing here. And it being porn, we may never see it. Studios don't just put on condoms these days - hell, even Titan is basically bareback now.

Just seems odd that they used another model for exactly one scene, and Luke is using condoms again, but this is porn, so we've seen weirder.

Which Jock Pussy model do you prefer - Logan Philips or Luke Hudson?


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