Tons Of Naked Marlon Wayans In New Netflix Movie Naked


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White Chicks star Marlon Wayans stars in his very own Netflix movie titled Naked, and coincidentally he goes very naked in the new trailer! This isn't some metaphorical shit. The girl is naked. The movie takes cues from Groundhog Day by making the main character relive the same events over and over until he's able to work through his demons. In this case, Wayans' character Rob Anderson revisits the embarrassing horrors leading up to his wedding day. Fun fact about my life: Groundhog Day is my dad's favorite movie, but Andie MacDowell is his least favorite actress. Oh, I forgot to say, today fun means boring and stupid. 

I have previously never cared for Wayans because I don't think he's particularly talented or funny, and I just today learned how to spell his last name, but even I can tell when I'm witnessing movie magic. Head to the gallery to see his hot nudity from Naked!


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