Gus Kenworthy And Boyfriend Tiny Speedo Goodness On Vaca

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Gus Kenworthy and his boyfriend Matt Wilkas looked gayer than ripped guys in Speedos posing for pictures on Fire Island while spending the weekend on Fire Island. In Speedos. Posing for pictures! The delish Olympic skiing superstar of our creams and his daddy bf flaunt their hawt hairy bods, thighs for days, and matching bulges while being just the ho-iest ho bags around. God bless 'em!

I have never been to Fire Island, but judging by the sexy celebrity visitors and general pictures I see on Instagram, I think I would fare poorly. Unless they have a Michael Cera lookalike wet underwear contest. Then I'm basically the king. 

Kenworthy and Wilkas are no strangers to island getaways, and less than two months ago were gracing the shores of Aruba with their fuckable faces. Before that, more exotic places. Kenworthy's getting that corporate sponsorship money now - including a recent spot with United Airlines. Kenworthy uses his Olympian strength to drag people off planes before killing small dogs. Omg jk. They're not that small. Wilkas must still have his Gayby money rolling in. Are these the hottest pictures yet from this superstar couple? Spillz!




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