Ryan Reynolds' Ripped Deadpool Bod Is Simply Marvel-ous

August 7, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

He's fit, he's fine, and he's one extremely hot fellow. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds is undoubtedly one of our favorite sexy celebs, and now we can add him to our 'Fine Over Forty' list. Ryan's trainer, Don Saladino, recently posted a pic to Instagram showing off the superhero's hard work. Now we won't have to wait until Deadpool 2's release next year to see it.

Saladino shared the split-screen photo, which has definitely made us drop our jaws - and our pants, along with some nice words about the hard work Reynolds has put into training for the upcoming sequel. He even adds a small quip to Josh Brolin, who plays Cable, the time-traveling son of X-Man Cyclops, in the film: "@joshbrolin, you still have some work to do." 

From the looks of it, Josh seems to be hitting the gym pretty regularly, too. At least that seems to be the case from what we saw in his own Instagram post last week. 

If these guys are already showing this much on social media, we can only imagine what they're willing to show us on the big screen. Until then all we can do is hope Saladino's next post is a head-to-toe shot. We can dream, right?

You can also check Ryan out on the cover of Men's Health, in which he talks more about training with Saladino, gearing up for Deadpool's return, and comparing himself to another sexy Marvel comic. Can it be 2018 already?

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