ICYMI: Call Me By Your Name Shirtless Gay Trailer Goodness

August 3, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


6' 5" tall sex God Armie Hammer hammers out tiny twink Timothée Chalamet in the Sundance hit Call Me By Your Name, and in this new trailer, we get just a glimmer of what's to come... on these boys' cracks! We last checked out the preppy sexperimental guys back in January with some hawt as hell shirtless pics, but now we finally see them in bed together. We also cut right to the chase when Hammer whispers to Chalamet "Call me by your name and I'll call you by mine." I feel like it's when Sarah Silverman said "I want your butt inside me."

Luca Guadagnino helms this masturbation sensation, due in theaters November 24th, and you might remember his name from dick-centric flick A Bigger Splash. Guadagnino is gay, and let's just say that the grl gets what's his. Here's the jizz-st of Call Me By Your Name:

Set in the Italian region of Lombardy during the early 1980s, Call Me by Your Name follows young Elio (breakout Timothée Chalamet), on the cusp of college and the child of two brainy aesthetes. During the summer we meet Elio, he finds himself bewitched by Oliver (Armie Hammer), a strapping American student who has come to assist Elio’s professor father (Michael Stuhlbarg) for several weeks.

At first, Elio doesn’t quite know what to make of Oliver: Though Elio offers to show the older man around, he lightly mocks Oliver’s casual brashness behind his back. Book-smart and steeped in culture, Elio thinks he knows just about everything already, but as he finds himself increasingly drawn to Oliver — culminating in a romance that’s teased in this trailer — he soon finds out how much there is to learn about love, sex, and the life he’s going to lead.

Sex, sex, sex, sex. What that blurb doesn't mention is that the thirty-year-old Hammer plays a twenty-four-year-old, and the twenty-one-year-old Chalamet plays a seventeen-year-old! It's kind of a plot twist since he looks thirteen in the trailer. And Hammer looks forty. I KNOW your thirsty asses aren't about to miss out on something this scandalous, so check out the trailer below. Hey Hammer, Call Me... your bitch! 


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