Britney's BF Sam Asghari's Bulge on Twitter Can't Fool Us

August 3, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Earlier this week, a shirtless mirror selfie pic of Britney Spears' hunky model boyfriend Sam Asghari was posted by a fan on Twitter who was asking the pop princess (arguably now Queen of Pop) for an invite to her 'slumber party'. No shirt, an even tan, and smooth rock-hard abs. There's no doubt Sam's definitely got it going on, and Britney is one 'lucky' lady (get it?). It wasn't long before others took notice to one HUGE detail in Sam's pic -- that large bulge in his loose red gym shorts. 

While Sam definitely looks delicious in his sexy selfie, we noticed something looked a little off. First, there were speculations that the pic didn't actually come from Sam. We know now that it did, just not in its current form. Turns out someone felt the need to edit his manhood a little and forgot to add the disclaimer: "enlarged to show detail."

We found the unedited photo from 2016 and compared the two. See for yourself

While we're a bit disappointed that Sam's sausage may not be as big as we'd hoped, we're more than confident that he still meets Brit's needs. We also found quite a few steamy pics on Sam's Instagram while we were investigating #penisgate. Check him out at all angles:

Make your hobbies your addiction, Than even rehab is not enough to stop you! #goals#fitness#badasscity#beabadass

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Whole new week ✊ Gnight!

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Putting in work for something coming up at the end of the month

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See? Sam's perfectly fine just the way he is. This little debate definitely put him on our radar, though.

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