Fucking Your Best Friend's Brother? These Four Guys Certainly Are!

Leo Domenico, Adam Dacre, and Felix Barca get the deed from their hot best friend's brothers. 

[WATCH: My Best Friend's Brother (Blue Steel Productions) - Naked Sword]

Blue Steel's newest production is now available for cumsumption on Naked Sword!

It's even got a little kink! It's not as kinky as that disaster of a cellophane-wrapped "Fuck Room" at Bromo, but it DOES have Adam Dacre getting tied up and blindfolded by Andy O'Neil.

From Blue Steel Productions:

It’s always awkward when your best friend is late and you’re stuck with their brother making small talk... well unless the brother is super hot, muscled and just your type! These guys know that feeling exactly, and they don’t seem to care, they‘re gonna fuck whoever they want, and if it’s the brother of your friend, then so be it! Hard, hairy, muscled and even blindfolded sex-play, there’s nothing these horny fuckers won’t do with the brother, just as long as the best friend never finds out! 

The best thing about this feature is that it features Leo Domenico.

Even if you don't know who Leo Domenico (porn star that retired all too soon) is, you need him and miss him. Watching him get eaten out is the best thing you'll do.

But it also features Felix Barca sitting on Daniel Diaz's face...

And taking his cock until Felix cums.

And Ricky Kingston taking some hot pipe from Michel Rudin.

After all, don't brothers taste that bit better?

Have you ever fooled around with your best friend's brother?

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