Matthew Daddario Gay Scene In Shadowhunters Is Like Woah

August 1, 2017 | Posted in gay by his_excellency


Matthew Daddario is the dick-wettingly hot, model-gorgeous, possible Japanese sex robot of our creams, and in the most recent episode of Shadowhunters, he delivers one of his steamiest shirtless gay scenes yet with cutie Harry Shum Jr.! The twenty-nine-year-old is firing on all cylinders, all the way from his eyefuckingbrows to his perfect smile to his banging bod.

His character on the supernatural Freeform series, Alec Lightwood (porn name alert), has been hot for Shum's character, Magnus Bane (porn name red alert), for a couple of seasons now. But today's hot and heaviness is something to write home about. If... your home has a bunch of horny gays in it! 

When I first found out that Alexandra Daddario - the only actress with boobs that I want to honk or whatever it is straight guys do to boobs - has an equally gorgeous brother, I thought "fuck genetics, fuck science, fuck this fucking world!" Papa Daddario's sperm juice is a teaspoon of liquid gold that needs to be mass produced so we can each have a Daddario of our very own.

Check out last night's gay scene from Shadowhunters below, and head to the gallery for some of Matthew Daddario's sexiest moments eva. I can't wait until a couple more years when we can call him Daddy-ario!

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