Austin Armacost Keeps Showing Off... But We're Not Complaining

July 17, 2017 | Posted in Celebrity by trey-paul

Whether it's on social media or in front of a crowd, he's no stranger to showing off his hot bod, but I think Austin Armacost might be running out of ways to expose himself for all to see. How else would you explain his latest Instagram pic? 

The A-List: New York alum doesn't have to worry about any of his fans becoming less interested any time soon, that's for sure. His naked handstand only gives further proof as to why we hate censors. Check it out: 

On Thursdays.... we do handstands in the kitchen, naked

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Someone needs to talk to Instagram about their censorship rules. Seriously. We're tired of strategically placed wine bottles.

It's Saturday... let's have a drink!

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This latest hot shot is just one of a long line of sexy pics Austin has shared with the world recently. He has put his cakes on display on quite a few occasions, but more recently has got us all a bit more interested in what he's packing. Earlier this month, we got about as close as ever to getting a glimpse of peen, but even that doesn't quench our thirst. 

Austin, if you're out there, we'd love to see all of you. Extra points if we get to see it in person. 

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