Bromo Calls It "The Fuck Room"

July 17, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by garridan-p-faxton

Bromo has Devin Vex and Noah Jones Fucking In a random room wrapped in cellophane, on a mattress covered with tarp, and with exposed beams and a hanging extension cord.


[WATCH: "The Fuck Room" Episode One - Bromo]

Noah Jones and Devin Vex still do a great job bareback fucking, despite the odds.

They couldn't even get the extension cord out of the shot? Seriously?

I guess this is indicative of the budget cuts throughout the industry - studios passing off random sets and making us think they're something they aren't, like is the case with this storage room, wrapped with hanging cellophane, with a hanging extension cord, with a mattress (that isn't even covered with a sheet) and covered with a tarp.

And poor boy is wrapped in cellophane, for reasons I don't understand.

This is a far cry from Woody Stone and Naked Sword's "The Ten Spot".

But I guess it's different when you're charging guys.

[WATCH: The Ten Spot - Naked Sword]

But I guess Titan Men's "Parole" wasn't too far off.

At least the guys at Bromo got a mattress.

[WATCH: "Parole: Scene Three" - Titan Men]

Still, nothing beats the dirty closet that Men Over 30 has tried to pass off as a number of things. And THESE things (barely) beat the "Sex on a box" phase from Raging Stallion / Hot House / Falcon.

From Bromo:

Devin Vex is ass up and bound with cellophane for freshness when he's discovered by rock-hard & ready Noah Jones. The setting suggests these two are preparing for some explosive bareback fucking. And sure enough, these two blue-eyed fuck beasts prove difficult to contain.  

Devin Vex is cute as heck, and has a lot of interesting tattoos.

This bald eagle on a skull is really intriguing. It should be on a shirt at hot topic.

And Noah Jones has a great cock.

At least there's some hot cocksucking! 

And two sets of gorgeous blue eyes.

Then Devin finally breaks free from the cellophane, and the boys get to bareback fucking goodness.

All that said, Noah Jones has a really gorgeous dick, and Devin Vex looks yummy with a load of cum on his chest.

A monthly membership to Bromo is $9/month. A fitted sheet at Walmart is a one-time fee of like $3.99. And it costs $0.00 to not be like this. 

What is the scariest place you've had sex? Is it scarier than Bromo's fuck room?


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