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Now that we have a fresh batch of Insta hotties to follow, including Sean O'Donnell, Ansel Elgort, and Cameron Dallas, Colton Haynes is *kind* of becoming my side piece. Like, I get it, I've seen it, cool, have a good one. I mean he's fifty. BUT, thanks to the never-ending publicity Colton is enjoying on the Gay Internet for his bulge-baring role in the girl's comedy Rough Night, I am reminded that he does have a dick and balls, and that... accounts for a lot around these parts! 

Colton plays a stripper in the movie, and producers weren't about to sign on the Teen Wolf star without making him walk around in only the tiniest shiny blue thong imaginable. Oh, who are we kidding, he showed up to his audition in that thing! We already took a look at Haynes' underwear from the flick in one of his Instagram post, but thankfully, the thirsties out there have one-upped him at his own game by providing these sexy GIFs!

Not one of you had anything to say about the last post covering Haynes' bulge, so if we get radio silence, Hanyes will be cut. Forever. Or until he shows his dick. Or releases a sex tape with fiancé Jeff Leatham. Or... with Ansel Elgort. Is it too much to ask to want to be wowed?


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